In My Mind Sounds Like:

My dear, we're slowing dancing in a burning room . . . and nobody's gone to come save you

Today marks 3 weeks until what has become my annual pilgrimage to Coachella … can’t wait for fun times again, super excited about the musical performance, the boys, hanging with my friends, and meeting new ones too!!! Β 

  • me: *gets upset when no one knows about my favorite band*
  • me: *gets upset when everyone finds out about my favorite band*


im still in between kinda accepting my body and wanting to starve myself for weeks i dont knowΒ 

My daily struggle …

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Style Radar: Tinie Tempah

British rapper Tinie Tempah is such a good dresser, and here are a few examples from this years London Menswear Fashion Week.

He always looks super sharp in his suits, as well as in casual outfits. Take notes, gentlemen - that’s how you wear a suit, without looking boring.


He is hot hot hot …

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